My Musical Temperament lead me to delight those around me with my warmth, my good humor and sometimes whit my (moderate) skills in music. I am exciting and full of fun. I like to live in the fast lane, and seem up on the latest fashions of dress, food, drink, and music. I am open to traying anything that prommises me a good time. I am incurably optimistik - Always look on the bright side- and I avoid worries and troubles by ignoring them as long as possible. I have a great social interest lies in stimulating those around me to take a break from worry, to lighten up and enjoy life



I usually use music as a tool to help find softness of mind and consequently inspire good mood.I usually use music as a tool to help find softness of mind and consequently inspire good mood.




Effects of music

The Mozart Effect offers dramatic accounts of how doctors, shamans,

musicians and health professionals use music to deal with conditions

such as anxiety, cancer and hypertension.

The director of a coronary care unit in Baltimore reported that half-

hour classical music produces the same effect as 10mg of Valium [a

tranquilizer used to relieve anxiety and relax muscles].

Music to heal

Pythagoras, also of Greek descent, was extremely concerned about the

effects of music on the human psyche, and even established a school in

its effort to study the influence of passion about music and human


In fact, every night, even when their students were sleeping,

Pythagoras, faithfully performed the musical compositions that he knew

he had a healing effect on the subconscious. Not only the students

reported a quiet night's sleep, but some also claim to have prophetic

dreams and visions.

The widespread belief in ancient China, also attributed healing

energies to music.

The Chinese believe that all spring musical notes from the heart, and

therefore each note in the outer world of sound corresponds to an inner


Zen Master, Ma Su T'sien, dating back to a century BC, was convinced

that music had a direct impact on human behavior.

He said the harmonious notes had a beneficial effect on human behavior,

while discordant notes had a deleterious effect.

Another famous study indicates that listening to classical music for

prolonged periods leads to greater sensitivity and creativity. This is

called the Mozart Effect, a term coined for the alleged increase in

brain development in children who were exposed to the music of Wolfgang

Amadeus Mozart.

The study finds that certain sounds, tones, rhythms and especially the

music of Mozart, can strengthen the mind, freeing the creative spirit

and even heal the human body. Don Campbell, in his acclaimed book,

Garden Tunduro





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The .... Fear is the energy that restricts, paralyzes, retracts, does run, it hurts, it hurts ...
Love is the energy which expands, moves reveals, does get, share, heal ...
Fear covers the bodies of clothing, love allows us to get naked ...
Fear is greedy, generous love. Fear stifles, cherishing love. The overwhelming fear, love liberates. The fear provoked, love soothes. The fear criticism, love regenerates. Fear destroys, love builds up ....

And you want for your life? FEAR or LOVE IS YOUR CHOICE ....


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